These days, an increasing number of people are renting and the quality and range of rented accommodation is better than ever. Renting is usually cheaper than owning and bills are more predictable too, which is great news for those who prefer stable finances. And with fewer outgoings, you can save more.


Renting offers more flexibility than owning - you can move somewhere else relatively quickly - useful if you plan to move for a new job or are going away to study. Also, it's less hassle than being an owner as you won't need to pay for property maintenance - most of that will be done for you, but it makes sense to ensure that you get the best advice from the outset so that you can be entirely satisfied with the property you choose as it will become your “home” .


Which- ever letting agent you choose to rent through their responsibility is to the landlord, their client. However at Jalaram Estates Ltd we take very seriously our obligation as a duty of care to our tenants. We want you to enjoy your time at our properties and we will do everything possible to ensure a trouble free tenancy.


Renting a property is a big commitment and we will help and guide you through the process.